Marvelicious Toys

Vol 2, Episode 21: We Are Venom (Audio Podcast)

November 20, 2020

When planning this year’s releases, Marvel, Sony, and Hasbro all had good reason to believe Morbius would have come out last July and, a few weeks ago, we’d all have flocked to theaters to see Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage.  


That’s not how things worked out but we still have the symbiotic joy of Hasbro’s latest Venom wave of Marvel Legends figures. With a movie-styled Venom, comic-styled Morbius, and a slew of other slimy symbiotes, join Marjorie, Justin, and Arnie as they review all these figures. Including the massive Venompool Build-A-Figure, and the Walmart exclusive Venomized Captain America!

Also on this show, the hosts run down the latest Hasbro reveals including next year’s Into the Spider-Verse  wave of Legends. All this and more in an exciting new Marvelicious Toys podcast.

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