Marvelicious Toys

Vol 2, #32: HasLab Hot Wheels {Video Podcast}

September 23, 2022

For Hasbro's third Marvel themed Haslab they took a hard left turn from previous offerings. Instead of a giant figure like Galactus and the Sentinel, the Hasbro Marvel team is putting the pedal to the metal with Robbie Reyes and the Engine of Vengeance (aka the HellCharger). Join our hosts to find out if this $350 car is fire or if they should have pumped the brakes.

Also in this show, a new Marvel Unlimited exclusive Marvel Legends figure was announced, and it may have you seeing double. Our hosts Dare to find the Devil in the details on this figure, and weigh in on if it's a must-have.

With a report on D23, some Legend-ary clothing and more, it's all in this Marvelicious Toys podcast!

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