Marvelicious Toys

Marvelicious Toys V2 Ep 24: Podcasters Return! (Audio Podcast)

August 2, 2021

Welcome back to the all new Marvelicious toys!

Evil forces conspired to stop our podcasting heroes from continuing their quest to help Marvel collectors worldwide, but with great podcasts come great responsibility. So Arnie, Justin, and Marjorie have clawed their way out of Kraven's shallow grave and are back to celebrate all things Marvel collecting!

And there is much to celebrate, Hasbro announced their second Marvel Legends HasLab project: Galactus! If funded this will be the biggest Marvel Legends figure ever...but it has the steepest HasLab goal ever as well. Our hosts devour this new announcement and share their thoughts in this episode.

Also in this podcast, Hasbro Marvel team members Dwight Stall, Dan Yun, and Ryan Ting join Arnie and Justin for an exclusive 20-minute interview. Hear them talk about cancelled figures, Legends dream projects (including dioramas!), the tricks of translucence, and so much more.

With a MCU-wrap up with Black Widow and Loki and much, much more, it's all in this jam packed, all-new all-different Marvelicious Toys podcast!




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