Marvelicious Toys

Episode 11: Marvel Legends Series World Tour - Video Podcast

November 25, 2019

On this show Marjorie, Justin, and Arnie discussed the latest Marvel Legends exclusives hitting stores now, from Walmart's "Worthy" Captain America to Walgreens Emma Frost and Dani Moonstar, to even the fan channel exclusives like Agent Anti-Venom and Big Time Spider-Man!


Then they run down all the latest announcements of new figures coming from Hasbro. The Hasbro Marvel team announced a couple figures per week every week lately as they went to Italy, England, Canada, and New York. We gather all the new updates in one place, from Super Skrull to White Rabbit and beyond!


With an in-depth review of Diamond Select Toys' Legends in 3D Spider-Man and Venom busts, a discussion of the new Marvel Crisis Protocol tabletop miniatures game, Marvel Barbie Dolls, a MODOK Tiki, and more, it's all in this issue of the Marvelicious Toys podcast!

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